is the electro project of the Munich drummer and producer Axel Wagner.

In his studio in Giesing he constructs steel acid-EBM-pieces with sweat

and muscle power. Building up on his musical experience:

drummer of „Der Englische Garten“, live drums for „Zombie Nation“

and „Generation Aldi“.

He is committed to the old school, drawing his own samples from the e-guitar,

pressing beats out of e-drums, dragging hooks from the analog-synthesizer and screwing the single components together to 4/4-rhythm constructions

with a dangerous amount of basement-levels.

Before you get lost down there during his live-sets he strikes out electric shocks

until you could not care less about whether you find yourself at the „Dorian Gray“

in the 80s, in the present day or the future.

What´s clear:

The drum- machine is playing now. Live.

Music from today for tomorrow and the day after.


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met about a decade ago behind a set of turntables in Constance and

are going through a wild phase of raverlove since then.

Technical onanism and stylistic purity are often put aside in their joint dj sets,

but without ever loosing sight of the course:

full speed ahead in the direction of love, sweat and exuberance.

It's L.O.V.E., give it away!

Crisp and punctual, fuzzy and jingle jangle. futuristic. dadaistic. expressive.

Techno melodies from Illinois and Ingolstadt.

Absurdities from the acid vessel. Continuous repetitionsof nightlife.

The lowest common denominator of the two is:

fairly big. fairly colourful. fairly wicked. 








Paper is a kraut- punk trio featuring members from The Bear Quartet and

Paddington DC and Audionom. The sound is based around the frustration of punk,

the desperation of monotony and the delicacy of pop melody.

Paper deliver on one side two-minutes hardcore manouvers followed by long

monotonous, almost transcendental, three-chords variations.

Throw in well arranged melodies and pretty traditional pop songs like nitrate

in the hard cold cocktail and you get the big picture.

Kraut- punk is a pretty accurate description of their music.


hear and see   PAPER   at   soundcloud  and   you tube






The professional teenager Frank Tourette has a pronounced preference for

the most akward tracks and thereby succeeds at turning every party

into an acustic catastrophy on request.

An insane but all the more unforgetful experience.

His unique sound aesthetics are only exceeded by jackhammers and airplanes

during takeoff.

As a latecomer to the material, he is steadily catching up, sucking in the past

twenty years of electronic music history, with the aim of blowing the boundaries

of all genres if necessary, or rather if possible.

A ticking bomb on all decks!